ORM Package


Maintaining your online reputation as a growing business is quite essential. The online reputation looks at eliminating any negative reviews or elements from your online platforms. In order to balance the factor out, an additional content is added to push the negative reviews lower in search results. The tool aims at exhibiting only the useful and right information to its visitors. ORM or Online reputation Management is a strategy focusing on monitoring, locating and influencing your digital reputation. This further adds to improve your credibility. Presence of a million of competitors out there in the World Wide Web scenario, makes it more important for you to manage your online reputation. It allows you to have access to new opportunities to create brand awareness. A negative reputation online is the last thing you’d want as a business owner, and so, this tool helps you eliminate those and the risks attached with it.

Packages ORM Silver ORM Gold ORM Platinum ORM Diamond
Price $ 350 $ 550 $ 750 $ 950
Reputation Management Plans
Phrases Protected & Monitored 1-2 3-5 6-8 9-12
Search Positions Protected 1st Page 1st Page 1-2 Page 1-3 Page
Search Positions Monitored 1-10 1-10 1-20 1-30
Development of Micro-sites -
Article writing
Article Submissions
Press Release Writing
Press Releases Submissions
Social Media Bookmarking
Social Media Profiles Creation
Facebook – Setup
Facebook – Enhancement
Facebook – Promotion
Facebook – Daily Management
Twitter – Setup
Twitter – Enhancements
Twitter – Promotion
Twitter – Daily Management
Linkedin – Setup
Linkedin – Enhancement
Linkedin – Promotion
Linkedin Profile Creation
Linkedin – Daily Management
Google Profile Setup
Flickr – Setup
Flickr – Enhancement
Flickr – Promotion
YouTube – Setup
YouTube – Enhancement
YouTube – Promotion
Business Profile Linking
Forum Comments
Digg Promotion
Stumbleupon Promotion
Blog Setup
Blog Network Distribution
Blog RSS Directory Submission
Blog RSS Distribution
Web2.0 Creation
Web2.0 Posting
Web2.0 Promotion
Yahoo Answers (Q/A)
Quora Answers (Q/A)
Slide Share Presentations
Photo Sharing
Forum Site Reviews
Customer Reviews
Video Creation
Video Submissions
Video Testimonials
Video Promotion
PPT Submissions
Campaign Duration 3-Month 4-Month 5-Month 6-Month
Phone Support - -
Skype / Email Support
Reporting Monthly Fortnight Weekly 6-Month