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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helpful for my business?

    The SEO will function and target relevant traffic to your website. Our compelling approach and diligent efforts will help increase the ROI and get maximum traffic on the website. A consistent effort in increasing your TOP line revenue will further help in your business development.

  • Is there a guarantee to see changes after SEO? How soon can I see the results?

    You need to be patient as we invest time and effort in the process of seeing expected changes. You will definitely start seeing improvements within the first month in the rankings. However it may take 3 to 4 months to see tangible results on your website after our experts begin to work on various aspects of SEO. You can get an idea of our efficient and dedicated service by visiting our SEO Results page.

  • Please brief on your working for the SEO process.

    -O Intensive study and research on the website
    -O Listing and reporting of potential keywords.
    -O Finalizing Keywords.
    -O Baseline keyword ranking analysis.
    -O Scrutinizing the website and recommending changes.
    -O Gather info on website from the client.
    -O Executing on page optimization.
    -O Continuous SEO off-page activities.
    -O Articles, blogs and content creation.
    -O Asking approval on contents from the client.
    -O Content marketing.
    -O Manage monthly reporting.

  • Do I need to get SMO done even if I have SEO running for the website?

    Social media promotion has become quite a popular element of internet marketing, which includes but not limits itself to social media platforms, blogs, forums and online communities. Along with SEO, SMO is also very important as it generates high quality website traffic on your page thus expanding your reach online.

  • What do I do if I face issues in handling CMS (Content Management System)?

    A complete training for managing and modification of the website content is provided by us. Please make contact and we will be pleased to help you in case of any issues.

  • What is the Turn-around-time to receive logo design options?

    After the day of receiving all the relevant information, it will take 3 to 5 business days for logo design options to be ready.

  • What happens in case I wish to change my provider?

    The complete handover of the website along with all the files and database is done on the final day of delivery of the project. We provide complete handover of the website files and database. You can opt for new service provider as per your requirement.

  • Can I opt to re-design my existing website?

    You can absolutely re create your website as per your requirement. We abide by the latest trends and transitions in the industry along with the device friendly feature.

  • What are the core objectives of a Social Media Plan?

    > Creating a social media account on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.
    > Join communities and groups to expand reach and create traffic.
    > Continuous postings online to create momentum.
    > Regular updates on your page.
    > Develop a communication with audience via discussions/boards/comment sections.

  • How to achieve the best Return on Investment?

    > ROI, is a crucial parameter for judging how well are the SEO, SMO and PPC campaigns performing.
    > Compare client file performance before and after using ad words, monthly. This will make you understand the success rate and scope for development.
    > Calculate the sale per customer.
    > Create a lifespan per client and mark the value of sales during that lifespan.
    > Remember to include maximum usage of ad word conversion to analyze the conversion rates and the most profitable offers.

  • Can the logo be scaled to any given size?

    A vector element and font logo can be rescaled to any size.

  • How does Pay per click function?

    PPC lets you generate traffic on your website in the quickest and most convenient way possible. It works by bidding on chosen keywords in a particular position in search engine. An organic way of obtaining such result might call for a specialist and in depth knowledge of website algorithms and website organizational skills. Pay per click, however, lets you achieve this in a much convenient way.

  • What will be the format for my logo designs?

    You shall receive JPEG/PNG file of your logo design for approval. Once approved, an open-file for the same shall be sent to you.

  • Will the website be search engine and mobile phone compatible?

    The websites are made sure to be highly and efficiently optimized. Also, the design is compatible and adapts with mobile screen size.

  • What do I do to change the website design if I am not happy with the results?

    We try to meet your expectations by providing you with new options..

  • Is banner advertising a part of the plan or do I need to opt for it separately?

    Banner advertisements are not proposed as a part of our business prospect and thus, will cost additional pricing. Your ad campaign will require different approach altogether to reach the right set of audience and for the campaign to be a success. Efficient banners with appropriate ad words drive potential customers to the website.

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